PowerVision PowerEgg X – Drone User Manual

Here’s the PowerVision PowerEgg X – Drone User Manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for PowerVision PowerEgg X Drone

Before Flight:

Download App and Watch the Tutorial Video:

About the PowerEgg X:

  • AI Camera Mode
  • Drone Mode

Diagram of PowerEgg X Parts:

  • Drone Diagram
  • Remote Controller Diagram

Smart Battery:

User Sign Up:

How to Sign In:

  • Sign in with verication code
  • Sign in with a password


  • Operating Steps

Firmware Update:

AI Camera Mode:

  • Prepare the AI Camera
  • Introduction to Vision+ 2 App
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Slow Motion
  • Time-lapse
  • Autonomous Personal AI Camera
  • Gesture Control
  • Gimbal Settings
  • Live Streaming

Drone Mode:

  • Preparing the Drone
  • Prepare the Remote Controller

Remote Controller:

Operations of the Remote Controller:

  • Powering On or Off
  • Charging
  • Operating the Gimbal Camera
  • Operating the Remote Controller
  • Controlling the Drone
  • Switching Fight modes
  • Return-To-Home (RTH) ButtonCustomizable Button
  • Power saving hibernation
  • Optimize the transmission zone

Introduction of the Drone:

Drone Status Indicator:

  • Flight Status Indicator (Tail Light)


  • Cautions for use
  • Replace the propellers

Vision System:

  • Detecting Range
  • Using the Vision System

Basic Flight Modes:

Return-to-Home (RTH):

  • Smart RTH
  • Smart Low Battery RTH
  • Failsafe RTH

Smart Flight Mode:

Smart Following Shooting Mode:

  • Start Smart Following Shot Function
  • Mode selection
  • Exit the Smart Following

Point of Interest:

Automatic Takeoff and Landing:

  • Automatic takeoff
  • Automatic landing

Fly in the Rain & Takeoff/Landing on the Water:

  • Water-proof Flight Mode
  • Water-proof Drone
  • PowerEgg X Waterproof Case
  • PwerEgg X Waterproof Case Installation

Vision System Calibration:

  • Software Support
  • Preparation before Calibration
  • Start Calibration
  • Firmware Reading

Compass Calibration:

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